Vehicle Signs

At GLS Signs we love to letter vehicles and we do a lot of them! A good lettering job on your vehicle is one of the most cost effective means of advertising. Your car, truck, or van is seen hundreds of times a week by potential customers. Whether it’s just one set of truck doors, or a marking for your entire vehicle fleet, we can make your company look great! We can create and apply a partial vehicle wraps, and total wraps or just your logo and business name.

For all vehicle jobs, we put great effort into the design and application of the final graphic. We use only the best of the best when we select our Vinyl products so that you get the most advertising value for many years to come. We can duplicate your established logo or, using our vast design experience, can help you with designing a new business logo.

Here are just a few of the types of vehicle lettering we do:

Vans – A name and logo can be added to cargo vans on both side and/or the rear doors

Pickups – Truck door lettering, including truck beds and tailgates.

Mini Vans – Cut vinyl graphics applied to a minivan’s glass windows and full photo image van wraps.

Straight Trucks/Box Trucks – We letter all size trucks, individual trucks or entire fleets

Semis/Trailers – We letter semi tractors as well as semi-trailers. AND also offer FREE DOT Number with purchase of letter for your Big Rigs.

Fleet Marking – Small vehicle fleets to large fleets of trucks, vans and pickup trucks.

Vehicle Wraps- Your logo or business name can be included with photo images to create an eye-catching design to advertise your business.

Construction Trailers – We letter small contractor job trailers as well large construction project trailers. We will also go to the construction site to apply the graphics.

Magnetic Signs – Small door magnetic signs to larger magnetic signs and everything in between.

Reflective Striping – Reflective vehicle striping for visibility and safety.